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Weight Management Diet :

Weight Loss :

Weight loss has become leading subject of discussion in almost 80% population. But unlike many people think, Starving is not the way to lose weight.

You would rather eat healthy and interesting food in small time intervals, still you can lose your weight.

We will help you to design interesting customized diet plan specially for you to get better results without any side effects.

Weight Gain :

Gaining weight is another problem among many people. Don't worry about gaining weight.

We can help you to gain weight with high protein & fat without other adverse effects.

Disease Specific Diet :

We provide diet plans for the clinical diseases viz, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Digestive Disorders, Renal Diseases, Liver Diseases, Metabolic Disorder, Hypothyroidism.

We check the blood reports, symptoms before making a specific, tailor-made diet plan as per the health condition.


The reports are reviewed again after specific intervals, make necessary modifications in the diet & exercise regime along with improvements in the reports.

Women's Health :

​Women suffer from many hormonal problems like PCOD in which there are hormonal imbalances or menstrual problems, insulin resistance.


We can control these with proper nutritious food, regular exercise, stress management and proper sleep.

We also design special diet plans for different life stages like Pregnancy, Lactation, Menopause.

There are many ways to stay fit and healthy along life’s journey. Nutrition Avenues is here to help you stay on the right path throughout. No matter what you are looking for, Nutrition Avenues offers a wide range of services and can come up with a customized plan for your particular health needs.
Learn more about some of the services and get in touch to schedule a consultation today..

Food Allergy Management :

In today's world, many health issues are occurring due to the unhealthy lifestyle which includes sitting in one place for hours, erratic meal timings due to work, eating fast food & high fat foods very regularly, no time for any physical activity.


This can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance.

We have to learn to make our lifestyle healthy by Keeping yourself physically active throughout the day, managing meal timings, choosing healthy alternatives to fast & junk food, how to control your sweet cravings.

We are here to make this change happen & to help you to prevent from such life threatening diseases.

Lifestyle Management :

Many people feel discomfort or have symptoms like skin itching, stomach pain, loose motions, vomiting, headache after eating specific food items.


This can be allergy or intolerance. Even some people have intolerance to specific food items like lactose or gluten and get minor to intense symptoms.

We will help you to find the culprit & our diet plan will help you to reduce severity of symptoms & feel comfortable.

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